Our Story

My husband and I launched our small business in 2020. I know what you're thinking... not the best time to be starting a business! The thing is, we have a huge passion for this company and its mission. The reason behind starting Copia is to promote real change in this world. We can no longer sit in the stands while fast fashion and irresponsible manufacturing practices fill our closets and eventually our landfills.

Everywhere we look there is devastation; pictures of starving polar bears, giant piles of trash littering our beaches and oceans. What if we could raise money to help with conservation efforts while also using sustainable fabrics that actually reduce ocean waste? Enter Copia. Our name is latin, it means 'ready for battle' and we are ready to take on some of the Earth's toughest issues- starting with cleaning up our oceans. Every purchase you make helps us get closer to ending over fishing in our oceans, illegal dumping and pollution and help us support ocean and wildlife conservation.

Copia believes in the magic that happens in our souls when we are by the sea. As passionate citizens of planet Earth, we make luxury swimwear that’s modern, sexy and gives back to the ocean we love. We want the amazing people that choose Copia to feel sexy in their own skin and know that what they are wearing fits their style as well as their eco- conscious lifestyle.