Our Story


Liz Hughes founded Copia Swimwear in 2020, bringing to fruition a long-held dream to combine her passions for travel and living a sustainable lifestyle. Copia is Latin for abundance, and it symbolizes the beauty of all that the Earth provides for us—a bounty that is threatened by waste, pollution, and climate change. At Copia we refuse to sit on the sidelines while fast fashion and irresponsible manufacturing practices fill our closets and eventually our landfills.


For Liz, the best days are spent by the ocean, so she set out to create luxury swimwear that is modern, sexy, durable, and manufactured in an ethical and sustainable manner, using fabrics that not only feel and look great but that also reduce waste and have a positive impact on the planet. Our swimwear is made from responsibly sourced materials including nylon yarn from recycled fishing nets. With every purchase, we also make a donation to fund ocean and wildlife conservation around the globe. Conservation and sustainability are at the heart of everything we do.


At Copia, we believe in the magic that happens in our souls when we are by the sea, and we are committed to helping preserve the ocean we love for generations to come. We want the amazing women that choose Copia to feel sexy in their own skin, knowing that their bodies, their swimwear and whatever beach they land on are each a beautiful part of our planet.